14 September 2008

hurricane ike remnant continues rampage across the heart land

the clip begins with news correspondent janet shamlian in galveston, texas at a destroyed strip mall center on seawall boulevard. ms. shamlian also notes that galveston's historic balinese room was 'completely flattened.'

ms. shamlein says that the bulk of the damage is expected on the west end of galveston and that authorities still cant get in to properly assess it. there is no power or water in galveston.

in missouri we learn from gary christman, chief of the city of st. louis emergency management agency, that hurricane ike remnants brought 3 - 6 inches (8 - 15 cm) of rain and 40 - 65 mph (64 - 105 km/h) gusts of wind in the st. louis, missouri area. roads were flooded and water rescues were required as well as several evacuations. this morning about 91,000 customers were without power in the st. louis area.

in chicago there is record flooding.

in michigan: saginaw, lansing and detroit are some of the areas receiving heavy rain and potential flash floods.

originally aired sunday 14 september 2008