26 September 2008

zionist message to gov sarah palin might backfire

this is an interesting clip that rachel maddow played on her msnbc show last night [thursday 26 september 2008] concerning alaska governor and 2008 republican vice-presidential candidate sarah palin and a religious service she attended at a church in alaska in october 2005.

its easy to see what the so called african witch-hunter preacher thomas muthee [here is his zionist approved wikipedia entry]. was on about. although, his use of the term "israelite" is incorrect. the term that pastor muthee should have used was khazar or ashkenazi seeing that it is they who are "running the economics of our nations," via their central banks and so forth and who are descendants of the khazar savages who, due to political expediency, converted to and have been masquerading as and impersonating the biblical israelites since the 700s a.d. these khazar's who are originally from khazaria, (located in modern day russia) are in no way related to the biblical israelites. these imposters have however, taken over the true name of the jews.

anyway, you wont see the msm playing this clip over and over ad nauseum like the rev. jeremiah wright clip because it might make people stop and think. what christian or normal thinking person could disagree with the substance of what pastor muthee is saying?

its likely that this clip was played to send a message to gov. palin and the mccain campaign that they had better get (palin} fully in agreement with the policies of the zionists and especially those of zionist israel.

this would appear to be unnecessary in light of gov. palin's recent statements such as 'israel is the 'good guy'' or her statement to israeli president, shimon peres "the only flag at my office is an israeli flag." no alaskan flag? or united states flag in the governor's office? how pathetic is that.

governor palin's rabid zionism has already caused brother nathanael kapner, himself a jew who converted to orthodox christainity, to observe on his real jew news blog that "governor sarah palin is quickly, lamentably, emerging as a resolute and dangerous zionist shill (or dupe) — if not an outright rabid war monger pushing for ww iii." ~ read more.

perhaps, what the zionists really want, is for gov. palin to repudiate pastor muthee in order to show that once again any mention of or connection to "bankers" and "israelites" which will bring to mind "jews" in most peoples minds, will be met with fierce condemnation.

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