14 September 2008

hurricane ike damage at beaumont, texas

the aftermath of hurricane ike is extensive damage and heavy flooding at beaumont, texas. kristin dahlgren reports that it could take several weeks to get electrical power restored. many refineries are without power and may not have power for more than a week which means that gas supplies may be down.

originally aired on sunday 14 september 2008


UPDATE: kristin dahlgren reports that gas lines are around two hours long at the only gas station open in the beaumont, texas area. it could be more than a month before power is fully restored to beaumont.

the refineries at beaumont are not able to open now and some might not be able to open for at least a week.

clip contains some over-head footage of galveston shot from a helicopter.

jeff ranieri is at 306 beach drive, surfside beach, texas where he reports that 40 homes were destroyed; 50 damaged. mr. ranieri says that there has not been a block in surfside beach that has not been touched by hurricane ike.

in msnbc's first person segment brent scott from columbia, missouri sends a picture of a flooded foot-bridge over perche creek, mcbaine, missouri about five miles south of the mississippi river.

originally aired sunday 14 september 2008

UPDATE: monday 15 september 2008: the beaumont, texas enterprise reports that electrical power has been restored to downtown beaumont!
excerpt: Less than 48 hours after it flickered off, the electricity for most of downtown Beaumont was back on.

The lights popped back on at 1:23 a.m. CDT Monday morning. (15 September 2008) ~ read more