20 September 2008

some catholic bishops are angry with joe biden

if this 19 september 2008 piece 'joe biden loses barack obama the catholic vote (see link) by gerald warner in the london daily telegraph is to be believed, it seems that some catholic bishops are angry with senator and 2008 democratic party vice presidential candidate joe biden due to his "pro-abortion views."

some of the bishops mentioned in the story include:

most reverend charles j. chaput, archbishop of denver;
joseph f. martino the bishop of scranton,pennsylvania;
most reverend robert w. finn, bishop of kansas city - st. joseph;
and the united states conference of catholic bishops
the bishop's say that communion [the holy eucharist] should be denied to senator biden and other pro-abortion politicians "until they have reformed their lives."

mr. warner writes:
On NBC's Meet the Press programme on September 7 Biden grossly misrepresented the Catholic Church's teaching on abortion and audaciously cited St Thomas Aquinas in his own cause. [meet the press transcript page - 4] [full transcript]

That did it. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had already done the same thing on the same programme, in her instance citing St Augustine. Even the torpid US bishops could not have false doctrine glibly broadcast by public figures, misleading their flock. [emphasis added]
but why should we take these bishop's and their proclamations seriously? when here in louisiana, we see our own style of a pretend catholic politician in piyush "bobby" jindal who goes to the catholic church on saturday night to pray to mary and other dead people called saints and to confess his sins to and ask forgiveness from them by his priest and then on sunday mornings rushes over to baptist and other protestant churches to proclaim "hey guys, i'am one of you too!"

surely the bishop's know that you cant be a catholic and a protestant at the same time just like no person can serve two masters at once. as far as we've been able to tell we cant find not one instance of any catholic priest, bishop, cardinal or even the pope condemning or criticizing piyush "bobby" jindal's religious fraud.

even after on 10 july 2007 it was reported that pope benedict xvi issued a decree stating that the catholic church is the one true church and that other denominations are defective and are not true churches, this was at the height of the 2007 louisiana gubernatorial campaign and yet piyush to this day continues to visit protestant churches to proclaim his oneness with them. how can an authentic catholic visit churches that his pope has proclaimed to be defective and not a true church to say that he is one of them and how can any authentic church leader catholic or protestant allow this to continue without speaking out?

is the catholic church hierarchys' silence in the piyush religious fraud matter evidence that they secretly agree with his activities? is this part of [rhodes scholar] piyush "bobby" jindal's mission to help blur the lines of doctrinal distinction between catholic and protestant so that the protestant churches can someday soon be more easily reunited to and merged with the holy mother roman catholic church?

until the catholic church speaks out about the piyush religious fraud then we should consider that the catholic church is actually ran by criminals, liars and scam artists. we should wonder what the real reason is, that they are choosing to speak out against senator biden and other catholic politicians.

if the catholic church was actually ran by honest, respectable men who were interested in protecting and preserving catholic doctrine then they would in fact criticize senator biden's statements that he is a zionist which indicates that senator biden actually worships israel, zionist jews and the babylonian talmud.