11 September 2008

thursday 11 september 2008 hurricane ike pre landfall central louisiana weather forecast

kalb meteorologist nick mikulas forecasts that hurricane ike's texas landfall will place central louisiana on the "right-front side" of the hurricane. this will result in cenla receiving a lot of rainfall and the threat of tornadoes. mr. mikulas says that hurricane ike is "huge - first off, it's covering more than half the gulf of mexico" and forecasts 50 mph (80.47
km/h) peak wind gusts together with heavy rain of around 3 - 7" (8cm - 18cm) in central louisiana with even higher wind gusts and rainfall to the west. this forecast originally was given at noon thursday 11 september 2008.

as of the date and time of this post, the official track of hurricane ike is centered upon freeport, texas and ike is believed to "likely make landfall along the texas coast between matagorda bay and galveston island," late friday night 12 september 2008 and/or into early saturday morning 13 september 2008.