06 April 2011

james gill: state senator rob marionneaux has "a shyster's view of ethics"

besides the shyster bit, marionneaux is a good example of why lawyers who are already members of the separate but equal judicial branch of government should not be allowed to be members of the separate but equal legislative branch of government.

it is an obvious conflict of interest as subversive shysters can and do manipulate the legislative branch by passing various laws to benefit themselves as members of the judicial branch.

while marionneaux's legal arguments appear dubious at best they do present some fascinating legal questions and theories.

Marionneaux was cited for failing to file a sworn statement with the Ethics Board when representing clients with litigation against the state.

The disclosure requirement palliates, though hardly cures, the blatant conflict of interest that arises whenever a legislator sues a state agency, but Marionneaux does not see why he should have to come clean.

His response to the charges has been to file suit on grounds that the Ethics Board has no jurisdiction because the state Supreme Court has sole authority to regulate the practice of law. ~ read more