18 April 2011

best scene from a tv series depicting keeping wild animals at a gas station as a bad idea


so far, we've missed visiting grosse tete, louisiana and the tiger truck stop and its live tigers.

they've been portrayed negatively in the news again lately.

despite that, whats missing from any news are any reports of live tigers being mistreated or miscared for in the custody of mr. michael sandlin and his friends.

we suppose that one way to tell if an animal is being mistreated is if its chronically unwell. the photos currently on display; from the tiger truck stop's live tigers, gallery are dated 29 march 2011 and show what looks to be healthy, hearty live tigers.

according to the tiger truck stop website they've been keeping live tigers since 1988.

as far as the so called warren triche law enacted from 2006 [HB 795 ACT 715] mentioned in some media reports, if so, this is another good example of how leges manipulate the laws to benefit from.

that and,

for all we know this suspicious law was only brought by mr. triche on behalf of mr. sandlin's competitors.

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clip from tv show: "dead like me"
episode original air date: 11 july 2003
episode title: "curious george"
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