19 April 2011

times-picayune lawyers serve dmca take down notice on slabbed.org

times-picayune files a dmca take down notice on slabbed.org host due to alleged infringing material located in a comment of “telemachus”.

the new orleans, times-picayune, a secular journal isnt the first to attempt to chill the free and political speech coming from the vibrant blogging community that is slabbed. (for instance see steve theRiot there) and all the hard-core posts of fascinating evidence of political wrong-doing they present and bandy about.

this is all developing on slab current rss feed at slabbed.wordpress.com/feed/
one of their first posts about it, they mentioned that the times-picayune dmca take down notice had already caused their site to have been disabled. so slabbed at times could be slow to respond or offline if you want to keep up subscribe to their feed --

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i have a reply for the times picayune and their lawyer steve gaynor
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