26 April 2011

ramzpaul: mcdonald's needs to do more for the african-american community



link from drudge ramz mentions
some ramzpaul commenters remarked:
good vid, the transgender fella was 22 and the girl was 14, can't believe it went that far

Thats called a "McBeating". Im glad she survived! Now she can collect and get a "McPenile inversion". Doesn't McGod work in McSterious ways!

I was shocked and outraged too...this is such an unusual and unexpected event.

@NorthwestRepublic The only thing we need is a shift in the public opinion. That's all. And it's happening already... right in front of our eyes. At least in Europe. Exciting times.

Boycott mcdonalds for being so pro-black with double standards. Hell you shouldnt be eating that filthy anyway you overweight fat American pigs.

Where can i watch this video?

@MrEthnicCleansing Search "McDonalds Baltimore Incident" on jewtube

ramz, that intro is never gonna be cool. please be white and just take it off.

whats ironic is that a couple of years ago, a reverend donald wildmon called for a boycott of mcdonald's after it refused to remove its corporate logo from and partnership alliance with the national gay and lesbian chamber of commerce.

nglcc corporate partners list as of the date and time of this post doesnt seem to include mcdonald's. burger king is on there though;

who knows; maybe this is why.

what we do know is if that old white lady would have had a gun and knew how to use it she could have saved the day and possibly freed up a whole cell block and maybe a shift at mickey'd's for somebody who wants to work.