11 April 2011

rapides parish police jury kinda responds to public records request for legality of an "in perpetuity" tax

on saturday, 02 april 2011, stupid, pathetic rapides parishians (or maybe parishioners) allowed the police jury/courthouse gang to slip in and pass another in perpetuity tax.

a shameful (unofficial as yet) turnout of only 4.1% of some 44,000 registered and eligible voters bothered to even go to the polls. of that number only 1,255 people of mostly police jury and courthouse insiders we able to pass an in perpetuity tax on everyone else and on people not even born yet who will never have a say about this tax.

first off, america is not a democracy its a constitutional republic and even if we were a democracy elections such as these for obvious reasons are not democratic! for example kyrgyzstan, of all places, requires a 50% +1 voter turn out for some elections to be valid.

so anyway, bright and early on monday, 04 april 2011 an la. r.s. 44:1 et seq., public records request was mailed to the rapides parish police jury legal counsel, thomas o. wells, esq., seeking some sort of explanation of how an in perpetuity tax is legal.

you can read the public records request on page two and decide for yourself if what was sent -- only the minutes from the 13 december 2010 rapides parish police jury meeting -- was a full and complete answer to the request.

oh and by the way, according to thomas o. wells' secretary, heather (who sounds like a real nice lady) the la. r.s. 44:1(a)(3) public records custodian for the police jury is angie richmond.

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RPPJ Public Records Request in Perpetuity Tax April 2011
click here to download seventy-two page .pdf [6 mb]

starting on page 53 some important information was able to be gleaned from the documents that were sent -- such as who offered the in perpetuity tax resolution and who seconded it.

that would have been district "c" police juror jamie floyd and "buck" lincecum.

if those two names sound familiar it might be because they are the same two who are pushing this 10 commandments courthouse display resolution:

gannett/the town talk front page courtesy newseum
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other important information to be found within the minutes is which police jurors voted to place an in perpetuity tax on the ballot and that would be: richard billings, scott perry, jr., joe bishop, richard gerald vanderlick, oliver "ollie" overton, jr., steve coco and the aforementioned jurors floyd and lincecum.

theodore fountaine was conveniently absent.

are you starting to understand what a bunch of anti-american, hypocritical, low-life-scumbags we have ruling over us? are you getting it?

on 11 april 2011 police juror jamie floyd did phone the public records requester and it went a little something like this:

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to be continued...