11 April 2011

mayhaws for sale at libuse, louisiana 2011

UPDATED: thursday 28 april 2011 today we noticed that mr. tuma has taken his sign down.
UPDATED with an april 2011 photo

11 april 2011 this afternoon we noticed that mr. tuma has his sign out that he has mayhaws for sale.

UPDATE: friday 07 may 2010: around 1:00 pm, we saw mr. tuma taking down his mayhaws sign. this could mean that he's sold out.
we noticed that mr. george tuma has mayhaws for sale again this year.

the area code is 318
mr. tuma's place is a block or two west of the libuse post office.

those living in central louisiana might be familiar with the tuma's other product -- the libuse, la. sweet potato; carried by most local grocery stores.