02 April 2011

rapides parish, la. go vote NO to "in perpetuity" sales tax today saturday 02 april 2011

click picture to enlargegannett/the alexandria daily town talk
thursday, 31 march 2011, page a3
ballot: source louisiana sec'y of state website elections division

click here to download this clip from the internet archive: latest trend in corrupt louisiana politics: in perpetuity taxes

be sure and go vote NO today and call everyone you know and tell them to go vote and vote NO to "in perpetuity" taxes.

dont do it for wst... do it for yourself and for your children and children not even born yet so that they wont curse us in our graves for what we've done to them.
wst... note: we've been going back through the minutes of the rapides parish police jury attempting to find out which one of these low-life-scum-bag rapides parish police jurymen voted to place an in perpetuity sales tax on the ballot.

we've not been able to find that record yet and there are no minutes from december 2010 posted online yet either. we will find out even if we have to go to the police jury office in the rapides parish court house and pay for a copy to post online.
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