26 January 2012

alexandria city council should have listened to reverend

image courtesy: the newseum - today's front pages
today's gannett/the alexandria daily town talk has more on the recent legal action taken against councilman roosevelt johnson by alexandria mayor jacques roy. see alexandria mayor seeks 'accountability' in lawsuit against councilman.

the news report gives a pretty good background as to how the history of the lawsuit that was filed by the mayor in august 2007 after the council voted to override his veto.

before the council voted to override mayor roy's veto, there appeared a reverend who addressed the council who told them about a "premonition" he had and warned them about their unwillingness "to follow leadership."

immediately thereafter, the council went ahead and voted to override the veto and it's been downhill for them ever since as well as the council's attorney, jock scott who died.

judging from the information that the mayor is seeking in the subpoenas, it appears highly likely that if he is allowed to amend his petition and litigate it on out, that councilman johnson and possibly other councilpersons could be facing malfeasance in office and/or other charges.