23 January 2012

louisiana state house begins prefiling bills for the 2012 legislative session

via: twitter @awspeer

it's that time of the year again, when that collection of freaks, perverts, criminals and lunatics who comprise the organized crime gang which calls itself the loony looziana legislature has to finally make public their schemes and scams to steal even more of our freedoms, liberty and money away.

but dont take our word for it -- we invite anyone who doubts the veracity of our assertions, to tune-in online and view the bills, the committee hearings and floor debates and the votes -- for themselves.

you'll see that they do all this out in the open for all the world to see and they're quite proud of what and how they do.

they'll even have some old fake preacher and pulpit pimp come in everyday and offer up prayer to a strange god in jesus' name. you can tell that it's all fakery because within seconds of the final amen they then turn to do the exact opposite of everything that jesus taught and commanded.

authentic christians would do well to pray second chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen. however, that nothwithstanding, should it be god's will, a numbers chapter sixteen verses thirty-one through thirty-five event; on the opening day, would be okay.

the loony looziana legislature convenes at noon on monday, 12 march 2012.