04 January 2012

hixson autoplex sued for unfair; deceptive trade practices

according to the petition of burnis edward delrie, jr. and andrew r. basco they bought a 2010 ford focus from hixson autoplex only to quickly discover that it had been wrecked.

they then notified hixson and hixson's banksters capitol one auto finance that "they wished to return the vehicle and cancel the sale."

according to the petition, capitol one told them to return the vehicle to hixson autoplex and have hixson cancel the sale and the financing agreement but hixson autoplex refused.

so now they're suing hixson autoplex l.l.c. pursuant to La. R.S. 51:1409 for violating La. R.S. 51:1405.

the plaintiffs are represented by devan pardue of the springfield,(livingston parish) louisiana, pardue law firm.

the suit is in the ninth judicial district court and was allotted to division "c" judge mary lauve doggett.


click here to download three page .pdf [88 kb]
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