21 January 2012

"conservative leader" gary bauer is an israeli agent

are you getting it yet?

  • torah rabbi sets an american christian zionist reprobate straight
  • anti zionist jews celebrate purim by burning israeli flag
  • scofield bible: how judiazed christians enable war the genesis 12:3 scam
  • iranian president ahmadinejad meets neturei karta rabbis
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    jesus christ
    revelation chapter two verse nine
    revelation chapter three verse nine
    the thirteenth tribe
    by arthur koestler
    facts are facts: the truth about khazars
    by ex-zionist benjamin h. freedman née freidman
    benjamin h. freedman
    u.s. presidents - jewish pawns
    1974 speech
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    my farewell to israel the thorn in the mideast
    Woe vnto them that call euill good, and good euill, that put darkenes for light, and light for darkenesse, that put bitter for sweete, and sweete for bitter. ~ Prophet Isaiah Chapter Five Verse Twenty KJV (1611)