24 January 2012

UPDATED city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy seeks to amend his petition against the city council a fourth time

UPDATED: 25 january 2012 - mayor roy answered a question about the case at his weekly briefing.

near the conclusion of tonight's alexandria, la., city council meeting, councilman roosevelt johnson mentioned something about an upcoming court hearing on 06 february 2012, involving the mayor and he and something about the mayor's brother, alexandria attorney chris roy, jr.

we couldnt imagine what he was on about. it took a little while of searching and we learned that chris roy, jr., on 10 november 2011, enrolled as co-counsel of record in the roy vs. alexandria city council lawsuit originally filed way back on 29 august 2007.

some subpoenas issued to roosevelt johnson and councilwoman mitzi gibson around mid november 2011. there's a subpoena in there for myron lawson too, but he was nowhere to be found. rpso attempted to serve him at least four times -- page 18. it's unclear, from what's available on the rapides clerk of court's website, if he was ever served.

anyway, supposedly both councilman johnson and councilwoman gibson each gave video depositions and we cant wait to see the vids. if we get them of course we'll share them with you.

there is a letter (page 14) from chris roy, jr., to the clerk of court dated 01 december, 2011 in which mr. roy mentions "our recently filed supplemental petition." however, we cant locate it on the clerk's website.

the pleadings we've posted speak for themselves and it looks like some are potentially in a world of trouble.

the place to be on monday, 06 february, 2012 at 9:30 am is at the rapides parish court house in judge harry randow's court room.
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