21 January 2012

jewish newspaperman who wrote column calling on israel to assassinate president obama apologizes

the jewish daily forward excerpt:

The owner of an Atlanta Jewish newspaper has apologized for a column in which he discusses the possibility of Israel ordering the assassination of President Obama.

The Secret Service says it is investigating and a parade of Jewish leaders quickly moved to denounce Andrew Adler, publisher and owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times.

Adler wrote in a January 13 opinion piece that one of Israel’s options in confronting a threat from Iran would be to put out "a hit" on Obama. The story was first reported Friday by the website gawker.com and later picked up by ABC News and The Guardian, among other outlets.

"Did I go too far? Yes. Do I regret it? Yes," Adler told the Forward on Friday. "I should have thought about it twice and three times." ~ read more
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it seems that this "twice and three times" or days waiting period is well known amongst trained writers, such as a recent mention of it, locally: here.

to anyone from the secret service, the military and the intelligence community who arrives here -- we are calling on you to investigate and arrest all zionists and israeli agents. jewish or otherwise. remember the uss liberty agtr-5!