11 September 2010

what we saw bob and bri

originally posted 12 september 2006

ok we admit it this post is a pander to the search engines because we have already had several what we saw googlers arrive here this morning. so here goes. last night
drudge linked to this video and in the text of his link he wrote how this is 'never before seen ground zero footage released online.' we didnt post anything about 911 yesterday because everyone else did and we arent part of the 911 cult. the fact is, is that the twin towers collapse was a controlled demolition and even if you dont believe that by now, then how do you explain the collapse of building 7? hmm?

anyway, we suspect that this vid is a psyops operation because its conveniently edited at the fall of tower one so the viewer cant see - close up the smoke jets (so indicitive of a controlled demolition) that shot out from the side that has been documented in other vids.

for more information about the 911 scam see eric hufschmids site painful questions and painful questions the free video, and september 11th 5-year anniversary special program with daryl bradford smith, christopher bollyn and eric hufschmid
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