21 September 2010

a who dat cease and desist letter

via: the dead pelican

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the lunacy never ends. on the other hand, surely "who dat" has reached the over saturation point by now anyway.

also, it would seem that with all this publicity about the complaining the monistere brothers are doing over the rights to "who dat" that they are running the risk of ruining its marketability by attaching to it in the public's mind a lot of negative feelings.

davis, cedillo & mendoza's "trials & transactions" slogan is pretty clever though.
Let’s be clear what’s happening here. The Monistere Brothers are shaking down local businesses like Storyville and threatening them with lawsuits if the local merchants continue to sell “Who Dat” merchandise.

They are essentially claiming something that they do not own and attempting to prevent anyone else from making money from the phrase “Who Dat.” ~ read more