07 September 2010

professor paul sheldon foote: barky's 50 billion stimulus is another fraud

dr. paul sheldon foote is professor of accounting at california state university, fullerton.

professor foote says that barky's promises to not increase the deficit is just talk.

he says that one part of barky's new stimulus -- the infrastructure bank was shot down just this past july by his own party in the house appropriations committee.

professor foote says that barky and the democrats think that stimulus means building one more federal building; hiring some more public sector workers at outrageously high salaries -- higher than private sector and saying you've solved the problem.

all the democrats know how to do is waste money and that is barky's 4 billion dollars for infrastructure.

to pay for it, barky plans to tax oil and gas companies. if the govt taxes oil and gas companies they will have to do more of their work overseas that means more jobs for people overseas and more imports into america as well as higher prices.

barky is unwilling to cut spending. all barky knows how to do is increase taxes.

barky's stimulus is not serious it's phony.

why did barky choose to put money into the pockets of investment bankers and bankers instead of saving millions of americans from going through foreclosures of their homes?

every time barky has a choice between helping the people who really need help and helping a small number of wealthy interest groups -- he always goes with the interest groups and he is doing it again this time.

barky is hoping that there is millions of duped voters who will be stupid enough to vote for him one more time.

hopefully in november, his party will be badly voted out of office and that will end his game.

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