29 September 2010

sammy kershaw lieutenant governor political event at pineville la

today we ventured over to the parking lot of furniture world in pineville, la. to see a hayride-stump speech by sammy kershaw.

mr. kershaw is running for lieutenant governor in a special election to replace mitch landrieu who this last winter went on to be selected mayor of orleans.

this was the first time we've ever had the opportunity to see a professional musician without having to pay first and we even got free swag + it was short and sweet. so that was nice.

this playlist is divided into three segments instead of two -- because in the bright sun (today's weather is excellent so far) we couldn't read the counter on the screen at all. we didnt want to run over youtube's ten minute limit.

we obviously have no sense of time either. but at least it wasnt windy. much.

wouldnt you know it though that a few minutes ago, for the first time, we noticed that youtube has increased their vid length to fifteen minutes.

we havent made up our mind who to vote for lieutenant governor. we know who we wont be voting for and that's jay dardenne and roger villere. only a crook or an imbecile would vote for either.

we would like mr. kershaw a lot better if he would have repudiated the republican party and ran as a no party candidate. we'll see.