13 September 2010

ferrari + fernando alonso win 2010 italian grand prix

link to video download/watch page

fernando alonso crossing the finish line first at monza:
the third victory this season for ferrari and the spanish driver
photo: ferrari.com

formula 1 is slightly less boring than nascar because at least you have some scenery, buildings, "green spaces" and so forth to look at while they make their way through the circuit, unlike nascar which seems to be round n round an oval track. of course they are probably both more exciting to witness in person.
Italian GP - Prancing Horse gallops to victory on home turf

Monza, 12 September – Fernando Alonso produced a stunning drive to give Ferrari its first win on home turf since 2006 and to add to the delight for the thousands of tifosi who filled the grandstands ... read more
Alonso: “A victory for the fans”

“Winning at Monza at the wheel of a Ferrari is something special, which can only stand comparison to when I won in front of my home crowd in Barcelona in 2006.

Being on the podium was an incredible feeling: what a sea of people, so many flags! I was stunned by the emotion from the fans, right from the first moment they got here on Thursday.

I wish to dedicate this victory to them and to the passion that characterises all Ferrari fans ... read more