21 September 2010

cottonport bank branch in effie, la robbed

UPDATE: 22 february 2012 3rd circuit court of appeal affirms astounding 40 year sentence for cottonport bank robber

UPDATE: thursday, 23 september 2010 1:25 pm cdt avoyellestoday.com suspect in effie bank hold up arrested in pineville, la. and also kalb.com: effie bank robber caught
UPDATE: as of 6:38 pm cdt wednesday, 22 september 2010, the robber is still at large a dispatcher with the avoyelles parish sheriff's office just told wst...

the avoyelles parish sheriff's office recommends checking with avoyellestoday.com as well as kalb and gannett/the town talk.

the avoyelles parish sheriff's office asks that if you have any information, you contact them at 318.253.8085 or through their website
around 1:40 p.m. today a gunman robbed the cottonport bank's effie branch.

according to the cottonport bank website the effie branch is located at: 2979 Highway 107 telephone: 318-253-6509.

gannett/the town talk reports that the gunman waited until the bank was empty of customers to make his move; getting away with an undetermined amount of (worthless) federal reserve notes but not before leaving the bankers locked in a closet.

he might have been driving a 2005 white chevrolet and has long white hair and jeans with black boots.

we'll see how long it takes for surveillance cam footage to be released.

if you have any information please contact the avoyelles parish sheriff's office at 318.253.8085 website.

UPDATE: kalb tv-5 has a more detailed report here.

UPDATE-2 avoyelles today robber tied two tellers up; search still on for suspect.
UPDATE-3 photo (1 of 3 released so far) courtesy avoyellestoday.com photos released of effie bank robber