12 September 2010

zero an investigation into 9-11

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various individuals with knowledge that the 911 commission and its so called report is a scam are interviewed including:

giulietio chiesa, journalist, member of the european parliament."they have this evil organization. they have the leader of this evil organization -- bin laden. they have a secret network in the caves of afghanistan. it could be the screenplay of a james bond movie ... obviously they will never catch bin laden because then everybody will think the war on terror is over."

michael springman, chief of the visa section at u.s. general consulate, jeddah, saudia arabia, 1987 - 1989 says "during my period there, i was involved in what turned out to be a visa for terrorists program, with people coming to the consulate recruited by the central intelligence agency and its asset usama bin laden .... i believe that the american government was working with various arab and muslim organizations -- whether it was al qaeda or whether it was people that became al qaeda, to be trained, to be armed and to be sent to the balkans to over throw slobodan milosevic and anybody allied with him."

that office in jeddah issued many of the visas that were used by the hijackers to enter the united states. marina montesano, university of genoa, author of "american mystery."

robert mcilvaine father of robert mcilvaine, jr., deceased on 911, wants to know who murdered his son and says that then attorney general john ashcroft is a liar and so is the u.s. government. "i'm not a conspiracy theorist. i'am a parent looking for the murderer of my son and you have to be a moron to think that nineteen arabs did it." ... "the [american people] should be ashamed for not seeking the truth." he says.

william rodriguez, former janitor of the wtc was never called by the 911 commission to testify and neither were others who were present that day.

gore vidal.

louie cacchioli, north tower survivor, new york city fire department. "i was down there searching for nine days but i didnt find anyone alive. i went down there for nearly a year and a half and if i wasnt down there working and searching i was at funerals.

they took my friends from me. they took my job from me and i really loved that job and they took my health from me. i do not want people to forget that day."