20 September 2010

even paris hilton forced to own up to her crimes

hotel heiress paris hilton appeared in a clark county, nevada courtroom this morning to plead guilty to cocaine possession and obstructing justice by lying to a police officer.

Standing before Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure, Hilton admitted that both 0.8 grams of cocaine and the Chanel handbag where it was found were hers and said she was guilty of misdemeanor drug possession and misdemeanor obstructing an officer.

"I was in possession of cocaine," Hilton said in a meek voice. She then told Bonaventure that she had lied to a Las Vegas police lieutenant when she told him the handbag wasn't hers. ~ read more
meanwhile, here in louisiana -- the most corrupt state in the nation -- someone from a prominent family who ran over and killed three people -- supposedly while intoxicated, in what some consider one of the most gruesome crime/accident scenes in recent memory -- can stand before a judge and not have to say one word to give account of himself or apologize while being sentenced under the terms of a very plum plea bargain.

imagine what the really wealthy, patrician families here in louisiana are getting away with.

kudos to the clark county, nevada district attorney for doing his job.