30 September 2010

cb forgotston explains the two constitutional amendments on 02 october 2010 ballot

the two la constitutional amendments on the 02 oct 2010 ballot. what they are for and why to vote against them:

October 2, 2010
Primary Elections

Proposed Amendment No. 1
Act 537 of the 2009 Regular Legislative Session
To move the convening of the legislature in annual regular session in even-numbered years to the second Monday in March and in odd-numbered years to the second Monday in April and to change the effective date of legislation enacted at such sessions to August 1st. (Effective January 1, 2012.) (Amends Article III, Sections 2(A)(3)(a) and (4)(a) and 19)

Proposed Amendment No. 2
Act 538 of the 2009 Regular Legislative Session
To provide that the director, deputy director and all employees of the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness shall be in the unclassified service of the state civil service. (Becomes effective 20 days after the governor proclaims its adoption.) (Amends Article X, Sections 2(B)(11) and (12); adds Article X, Section 2 (B)(13))

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