06 March 2009

congressman anh cao: recall attempt racially motivated

nooo ya dont say? we would have never guessed.

this recall is moot anyway. thats according to louisiana attorney general opinion #09-0051 released on 05 march 2009, in response to a sec'y of state request:
The United States Constitution has reserved to Congress the power to determine the qualifications of its own members and to expel its members when necessary. Because this is a power reserved for the individual Houses of Congress, the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution does not reserve to the states the authority to remove members of Congress from office. La. R.S. 18:1300.1 et seq. are not applicable to members of Congress and any recall attempt to that effect cannot proceed.
you remember back to 06 december 2008, the day congressman cao won his election as well as the ensuing days; how the national republicans were so ecstatic? congressman cao was heralded as one of the new faces of republican diversity and inclusiveness.

it was a veritable cao-nacopia of joyousness. we just assumed that cao was a life long republican.

well as it turns out, a couple of days ago we were looking over the results of the 20 october 2007 elections and when we scrolled down to the district 103 state representative returns, we discovered that now congressman cao, the new darling of the republican party, ran in that election -- as a no party candidate.

although it could have been, we dont recall this tidbit ever being mentioned by the media before or after his "surprise" congressional election victory.

his previous no party status might help to explain his "i might be a closet democrat" crack that he made the other day as reported by the huffington post and others.

the huffington post didnt mention congressman cao's previously being no party and neither did kevin allman in his post for the gambit's blog to which editilla, by the way, left a very amusing comment.

it would be interesting to learn how congressman cao's philosophical and political journey led him from no party to the republican party in less than a year. we bet there is a story there.

louisiana secretary of state elections returns 20 october 2007
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