24 March 2009

jim rogers on 2009 crash 'farmers not brokers will drive lamborghinis'

via: jimrogerschannel on youtube

many asian and oz news programs are having jim rogers [rici] about the 2009 crash and what will become of america.

rogers moved to singapore from new york city in 2007. one of his main "themes" has been to promote farming. he says that (the mysterious) "they" will be going to businesses which provide a basic need...such as food.

mr. rogers doesnt mind telling the hosts to
learn how to drive a tractor; turn in their degree and get a degree in farming. we always suspected that oliver wendell douglas had the right idea.

according to a short bio here, jim rogers grew up in demopolis, alabama, and got started in business at the age of five, selling peanuts. he went on to graduate from yale (skull and bones?) and like piyush "bobby" jindal, david vitter, bill clinton, supreme court associate justice david souter and many others is a member of the subversive rhodes scholars.

in addition, mr. rogers co-founded the quantum fund with george soros. so taking all this into account you cant depend on his being completely trustworthy.

if mr. rogers is correct; even if hes not; especially in these times -- we're sure that residents of libuse, louisiana and the surrounding areas
are even more thankful for the tuma family of libuse and their skill in farming the acres and acres of sweet potatoes some of which you probably enjoy every year. we sure do.

in addition to their farming interests the tuma family were long time operators of tuma's grocery, also in libuse that also contained the libuse post office. when the tuma's decided to close the store business they donated a plot of their family land to the government upon which today the libuse post office sits.

the late great new orleans blogger, ashley morris, was teaching in the czech republic where he met the lass who was to become his wife. he brought her back to his home at new orleans and it didnt take her long to find her kinsmen at libuse. one of the last events mr. morris and his family attended together was the 2008 czech heritage festival.

many families made libuse. among them are the melichar and tuma families. the bohemian's know how to get their finger nails dirty to make something good.

recently, in a blog posting a member of alexandria, louisiana's liberal elite, lamar white, jr., who also happens to be an assistant to the city of alexandria, la. mayor jacques roy, insulted the people of libuse because the political views of a libuse resident and regular gannett/town talk 'your mail' letter writer, george bennett irritates him. (so much for the liberal mantra of inclusion and diversity).

not only did mr. white insult libuse residents, he even managed to work in a swipe at the men and women of the city of pineville, la. water system which supplies potable water to libuse; suggesting that the drinking water they provide must be contaminated.

we suspect that in the future residents of libuse will at the very least have something to eat. while another alexandria, la. blogger perhaps, unwittingly, gives us a glimpse into what alexandrians currently experience and can expect even more of the same.

while the melichar family is widely credited with making the community during the depression and the war. perhaps, now, its the tuma family's turn.

coincidentally or not to what mr. rogers is advising, the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, planted a vegetable garden at the white house. the first one there since fdr; we applaud her for it.

anyway, its worthwhile to listen to what jim rogers is saying, if for no other reason, than to see what propaganda about america is being fed to the chinese -- who own so much of america's debt.