17 March 2009

marc lampert: gold-weems puppet judge harry randow to run for open supreme court seat

sam hanna's rethug propaganda rag, the ouachita citizen, reports that louisiana supreme court associate justice, chet d. traylor, will retire on 31 may 2009.

so along comes marc lampert to let everyone know that ninth judicial district court judge harry randow "has pretty well made of his mind to take a run at this seat." mr. lampert "thinks."

in may 2005 judge randow was presiding over a lawsuit between the gold, weems, bruser, sues and rundell law firm and dr. tommie mack granger. that gold weems is an extremely shady law firm is to put it mildly.

something came out during the course of the suit that gold weems didnt want to come out and judge randow attempted to accommodate them by covering the whole thing up by closing the courtroom to the public and issuing a "protective" order barring local media from reporting about it

"judge" randow even went so far as to bar the local newspaper, the alexandria daily town talk, from discussing his order with their own attorneys. see court backs town talk in trial-secrecy case (this link is now dead but the article is from around 26 may 2005}.

six days later the 3rd circuit court of appeal vacates judge randow's scandalous protective order.

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for judge randow's unseemly attack on and contempt for the constitution what should of happened is that he should have been instantly removed from the bench and disbarred. but hey this is lousiana. as expected, nothing happened at all. just a wink - wink and a smile - smile and a carry on. after all, whats a little corruption among friends?

now judge randow wants to be on the supreme court? we dont think so.