04 March 2009

congressman john fleming received a letter from the president of the louisiana oil & gas association don briggs

on wednesday 04 march 2009, congressman john fleming addressed the house floor to read from the letter he received from the louisiana oil & gas association president, don briggs, expressing grave concern over the obama administration's budget proposal.

congressman fleming says that the administrations budget proposals "will strip the economic incentives that provide the investment capital, that is needed to explore and produce oil and gas for our country. without these incentives, exploration and production of oil and natural gas will drastically decline, trillions of dollars will be lost, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost and our nations energy security will be severely threatened."

"simply put," congressman fleming says apparently quoting from mr. briggs letter, "the administrations budget proposals will...put our company at great risk and drive up home utilities and gas at the pump."

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"a new era of responsibility renewing america's promise."
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