27 March 2009

the nationalist movement gets paid

greg aymond and chet donnelly - two-bullies-of-a-kind

the gannett/town talk reports that "The white supremacist Nationalist Movement was awarded more than $17,000 in attorney fees accrued during its dispute with Jena over regulations covering demonstrations."

the nationalist movement had originally asked for $74,420 in legal fees but federal judge dee drell "found that Nationalist attorney Richard Barrett should be compensated for just under 95 hours work at a rate of $200 for legal work and $45 an hour for nonlegal work. That resulted in an award of $17,143.30." source

this was the case that unethical, alexandria, louisiana attorney, greg aymond, was involved in; during the course of which he unethically leaked privileged and confidential e-mails to a disinterested and uninvolved third party.

mr. aymond admits to being a disciple of david duke and to being a member of mr. duke's ku klux klan organization "formerly."

however, can anyone really believe mr. aymond when he is a known liar? one example: mr. aymond recently wrote on his blog that the reason that he has such a lousy mind that cant think properly is because he suffered a stroke. in the same post mr. aymond wrote that he does not actively practice law anymore. -- yet about twenty-four hours later, mr. aymond attempted to post online legal documents of a case that he was and is presently working on. mr. aymond has also several times since posted legal documents and letters written on his law office letterhead

lately, mr. aymond has been using his blog to promote and defend members of his criminal network. for example he attacked wst... (yet again heh!) for our post about ninth judicial court judge harry randow's rumored decision to run for the state supreme court - when mr. aymond knows that he told us that the very substance of our post relative to a ruling handed down by judge randow infuriated the local legal community - including mr. aymond.

mr. aymond also knows that he told us about a criminal case he was involved in, in which according to mr. aymond, judge randow violated court procedure. mr. aymond claimed that he gave judge randow a good "ass chewing"
over the speaker phone so that his client who was present could listen in. mr. aymond said that he promised judge randow that he would report him to the state bar if he ever did such again.

mr. aymond has also stated to us that he hopes that judge randow does seek and win a higher office so that he and as mr. aymond implied the judges crappy rulings, will be out of his and the rest of the local attorney's hair.

now, inexplicably, mr. aymond is defending him.

recently, mr. aymond has gotten his jollies by calling the city of alexandria, mayor, jacques roy a "nazi" when mayor roy is not a nazi. mayor roy is a communist. mayor roy's policies reflect that. then, when mr. aymond is called on it by one of the mayor's roving online propagandists, he falls back on his "i've had a stroke" sympathy ploy excuse to explain away his mental defectiveness.

mr. aymond critizes wst... because, according to him, we rant on jews -- when in reality we are opposed to zionism (as well as christian-zionism), which is a political and not a religious movement. mr. aymond disingenuously fails to point out that we are pro-torah.

mr. aymond complains that we sometimes post about marijuana -- despite the fact that we've never advocated its use. occasionally its in the news and we post about it. something like fourteen or fifteen states have legalized or decriminalized its use/possession, therefore, its a subject of intense interest to millions of americans.

additionally, it's doubly hypocritical of mr. aymond to criticize marijuana especially when he has told us and knows that he has told us, that he uses or did use marijuana -- but became weary only because he said the seeds were always popping out and burning holes in his clothes.

mr. aymond complains because we display google ads. this is an odd tact for him to take because back when we were first discovering what a disgusting person that he is, he wanted our help to set up a blog to sell advertising from so that he could stop lawyering.

our experience with greg aymond has taught us that he is nothing but a liar and a user. mr. aymond has no sense of loyalty, honor or integrity. he is not a man of his word and cannot be trusted. mr. aymond's scam is to use people; then when he has gotten what he wants casts them aside and criticizes them. greg aymond is one big phony.

dont feel sorry for us though, instead, learn from our mistakes and understand greg aymond's puddingheaded, jibba jabba for what it is.

one of mr. aymond's many vendetta's is against town of ball mayor roy hebron and city of pineville, la. chief of staff rich dupree because mr. aymond says they had something to do with the water works district #3 running his ass off. but when one gets to know mr. aymond you can very easily understand why and sympathize with anyone who would or did run his ass off.

greg aymond is one of the 99% of lawyers who give the other 1% of lawyers a bad reputation.
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