25 March 2009

HB 94 nutty herbert dixon wants to increase the gasoline tax from .16 cents to .20 cents per gallon

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in a time when the united states and the world is in a global financial meltdown, stores and factories are closing left and right and people are being laid off hand over fist -- here comes alexandria, louisiana, dum-o-crap, retard, state representative, herbert dixon, with his unbright idea to raise the fuel tax on the backs of the poor people of this state from .16 to .20 cents a gallon.

in these days, what the organized crime gang that calls itself the loony looziana state legislature should be doing -- if they were truly interested in helping to create a better louisiana - which is what they are sent to baton rouge to do - but they do not because they arent working for the people who sent them there, would be repealing state taxes, fees and regulations -- not increasing them.
(1) Beginning July 1, 2010, in addition to the tax levied in Subsection A of this Section, [sixteen cents per gallon] a tax of four cents per gallon shall be levied on all special fuels, as defined in R.S. 47:801, when sold, used, or consumed in the state of Louisiana for the operation of motor vehicles, licensed or required to be licensed for highway use, to be computed, collected, reported, and paid as hereafter set forth, except that whenever liquefied petroleum gas or compressed natural gas is sold to, delivered to, or used by any person who pays the annual fuel tax levied under the provisions of R.S. 47:802.3, the imposition of the tax levied under the provisions of this Subsection shall not apply.