21 March 2009

president barack obama's 'special olympics' remark brouhaha much ado about nothing

on saturday 30 march 2008, then democratic presidential nominee candidate, barack obama, along with senator robert casey went bowling during a campaign stop at the pleasant valley recreation center at altoona, pennsylvania.

obama bowled a 37. a perfect score is 300 and to put his score in perspective -- the bowlers who use this message board seem to agree that a respectable average is around 180. so you see his acumen for bowling really sucked.

at the time there was even speculation that this incident could hurt him politically as he might be seen as a sissy. joe scarborough said that "he bowls like my four-and-a-half-year-old daughter." see barack obama's bowling disaster and barack bowl.

on thursday 19 march 2009, president barack obama, made a nationwide television appearance from burbank, california via nbc; the tonight show with jay leno program.

president obama's appearance is some twenty-five minutes in length. as these things go, it was a great appearance as well; he should do these types of unique appearances often. his special olympics remark didnt even occur until around 21:50 -- long after he had discussed such important topics as aig, executive bonuses, the economy (stupid).

mr. leno made a great point about the congress setting a precedent with their "frightening" 90% tax.

this was all that made the news:

we meant to stay up to watch the presidents appearance in its entirety. looks like we fell asleep around 2:21 in. good thing we recorded it.

early friday morning when we looked at drudge we noticed that he was promoting obama's special olympics "wise crack." then soon it was "obama apologizes for calling bad bowling 'like the special olympics.'' we didnt have time or interest to read either story.

a little while later we got to listen to moon griffon for about 15 minutes and he was moonin' and coonin' over it...he said about his daughter maddie, that if she was ever in the olympics, that it would be the special olympics. so his feelings were hurt.

we're still waiting for mr. griffon's apology for all the lies he told in 2007 on behalf of piyush "bobby" jindal only to have us believe now that he was svengalied by (what was perceivable even then to anyone paying attention) the biggest nothing, the biggest liar, fraud, con-artist and freak that has ever been foisted on a willingly ignorant louisiana electorate.

something that mr. griffon could have easily avoided now, if only back then he would have simply questioned piyush and called him out to justify his conservative and republican bona fides in light of his very liberal, unrepublican and anti-american congressional voting record. so moon griffon needs to apologize for either being a liar and a shill who's angry at piyush now for being double-crossed or for being a complete dumbass, before he can legitimately criticize what anyone else, including barack obama, has to say.

the buzz about president obama's remark is all nonsense.
what the president really was conveying was "hes [leno] is saying my bowling is like the special olympics or something." the president's hand gesture tells us that. his comment was his verbalization understanding of jay leno's expressions to be in keeping with those expressions familiar to him, being made by some who wish to imply that another is addled instead of clear-headed:

we've all done it. usually as a joke and no one means anything disparaging about the mentally or physically disabled. nearly everyone has someone physically or mentally disabled or both in their family.

at least the special olympics is getting plenty of publicity. they dont mind mining it either. see their statement and the official statement from their chairman, timothy shriver, both seem pretty retarded err special. the president doesnt look any better either. his apology gave that liar jonathan martin with politico.com the opportunity to drag up presumably to energize and enrage "the base" a 2008 quip he made about nancy reagan of which obama was correct in making light of ms. reagan.

america under the reagan presidency was ran by familiar spirits through astrologers and the only people that the spell seemed to work on then as well as now are the fake christians and others still today who proclaim ronald reagan a paragon of republican and conservative virtue when his memory should be tossed into the dust bin of history.

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