13 March 2009

vid "the obama deception" more alex jones blame the goy disinfo

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this is one slick, well produced video. unfortunately, its by israeli agent, zionist denier and liar alex jones.

mr. jones role in the "infowars," is to constantly shift the blame away from israel and zionists and onto goyim and the mysterious "new world order," "illuminati," bilderberg group, the council on foreign relations, the president of which, richard haas, is a zionist jew which you would never know that from listening to alex jones, the catholic church, particularly the jesuits and the pope; especially the "black pope" and other nonsense.

for instance, webster tarpley who is featured prominently throughout this video, early on he says that:
"'the new world order,' is, a more palatable name for the 'anglo-american world empire.' it's the planetary domination of london, new york, washington, over the rest of the world. its hard to get people to join that or think they have a part in it if you call it the 'anglo-american world empire.'

if you call it, the 'new world order,' then people in india or someplace like that or the european union, might think, 'well, theres something in that for us too.' but thats not what it is. it's the 'anglo-american new world order.' it's really the old world order. it's the british empire morphing into the american empire. the u.s. - british world empire is what you're gonna get." ~ webster tarpley "the obama deception"
can you see webster tarpley's deception? mr. tarpley and mr. jones would have us believe that the "luciferian controllers" of the "new world order" are a bunch of white guys (wasps) sitting in their drawing rooms in london and new york, smoking montecristo's, sniffing brandy whilst plotting the world take-over.

then just a few minutes later, mr. jones reels off a list of obama's "controllers:" timothy geithner, hillary clinton, susan rice, general james l. jones, thomas e. donilon, henry kissinger, paul volcker, admiral dennis c. blair, robert gates, james steinberg, richard haas, alan greenspan and richard c. holbrook, "the list goes on and on," mr. jones ends with a flourish.

with the possible exceptions of:
susan rice, admiral blair, thomas donilon, robert gates and general jones they're all jews not wasps. general jones, who may or may not be a jew, according to his zionist approved wikipedia entry however, just like the rest of the aforementioned, has spent much of his life and practically his entire career in service to israel and zionism. (yes, hillary clinton is a jew too - see here and here). yet none of this isnt even worth a mention? what if, instead of being jews, they were all chinese or saudis with heavy connections to china and saudia arabia -- wouldnt that be worthy of mentioning?

this is nowhere near a complete list but.here is some more jews around president obama: rahm emanuel, david axelrod, larry summers, ronald klain, steven rattner, robert rubin, alan blinder, jason furman, peter orszag, and jon leibowitz.

it's possible that joe biden who doesnt claim to be a jew, could actually be a crypto-jew. he certainly didnt mind admitting in this shalom tv interview that he is totally owned by jews.

historically wasps have banned jews and blacks from being members of their clubs. whether it was a country club, financial club, hunting and fishing club, whatever. so it doesnt make any sense that a group of wasps would trust jews and blacks to front for something as important to them as the world takeover. the evidence suggests that the reverse is true. that it's jews that are in control of everything and have some wasps, blacks and other non-jewish useful idiots fronting for them.

mr. jones video features rahm emanuel but never mentions that he is a hardcore zionist jew or that he holds dual israeli - american citizenship. nor does mr. jones mention the fact that rahm emanuel's father was a member of the most murderous zionist terrorist group in palestine in the 1930s and 40s -- the irgun. see christopher bollyn: the israeli who runs the obama white house.

in the entire video, mr. jones makes no reference to israel, zionism or jews. he does mention the mossad once -- in passing, but thats only because they helped provide security for the most recent bilderberg group meeting.

the only interviewee who halfway tells the truth is gerald celente but even he goes up to the line but refuses to cross it. however, who knows what parts of his interview mr. jones edited out.

another technique that mr. jones uses and seen in this video too, is his constant attempts to stir up in the populace, fear and mistrust, hatred even, of the police and military. wouldnt a legitimate truth-teller, activist like mr. jones holds himself out to be, wouldnt he be attempting to educate the police and military about zionism. even encouraging them to rebel against the zionists and arrest them?
Jones is a Zionist Denier

There is a definite and obvious pattern with Alex Jones. He is constantly shifting blame away from Israel, Zionists, and Jews, and onto the Goyim or onto mysterious entities, such as "The New World Order". How could such an experienced investigator as Alex Jones possibly be oblivious to the role of Zionism in world corruption?

How could he possibly believe that all of the world's problems are coming from goyim? There is only one explanation for Alex Jones and his Zionist Denial: he is a Zionist, and his organization in Austin, Texas is a Zionist terrorist cell.

It doesn't matter which of his radio shows you listen to; you will find the same pattern over and over. Specifically, he blames the world's problems on a mysterious group that he refers to as the "New World Order", a "Germanic death cult", the "Luciferian Controllers", the "Western Intelligence Agencies", or the "Elite".

Why does Jones use "Germanic death cult" as one of his expressions? Why not Jewish death cult? Why not Zionist death cult? How about "Israeli death cult"? Why do so many of these truth seekers try to create the image that Germans are evil when all the evidence suggests that Zionist Jews are the problem?

By never mentioning the names of Zionists (such as Sam Newhouse, Joe Lieberman, Sumner Redstone, Edgar Bronfman), Jones keeps his listeners in a state of confusion and fear. How can we defend ourselves from a "Germanic Death Cult"? How is it possible for the police to arrest the "Luciferian Controllers"? see alex jones is a liar
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