05 March 2009

congressman john fleming on ipsc stem cell research

you can say whatever you want about louisiana congressman john fleming, but one thing you cant say is that he's camera shy. here is congressman fleming, who is also a medical doctor and author, discussing stem cell research on the floor of the house, on wednesday 04 march 2009.

congressman fleming seems to be in favor of stem cell research as long as it involves something discovered in 2007 called induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSC for short: "these cells," says congressman fleming, "are made by reprogramming adult cells -- such as cells from your skin into embryonic like cells."

congressman fleming says that "just this week researchers published a major improvement on the technique of creating human iPSC stem cells."

congressman fleming calls this news "interesting" and "exciting" and "the purpose of this whole idea of stem cells is, is taking undifferentiated cells and the future is amazing, we could create organs potentially, just think about in terms of kidneys, hearts or whatever being transplanted, we would have organs that would no longer require any sort of immunosuppressive drugs."

the monday 02 march 2009, washington post article that congressmen fleming mentions, can be found here or click here to download the article in a .pdf.