17 April 2009

bryson merriweather gets big write-up by canadian press

bryson merriweather

for the past couple of days we've noticed that wst... has been bombarded with bryson merriweather googlers.

bryson merriweather is the lad we posted about on 22 february 2008, who, due to his diagnosis of acute myelod leukemia, is in need of a bone marrow transplant. so, to be honest we didnt take all this sudden interest to necessarily be a good thing.

a little while ago we finally mustered up the courage to click a referral link to discover that not only is master merriweather doing well (his leukemia is in remission) and that he has been invited by wake forest linebacker, aaron curry to accompany him on 25 april 2009, to this years nfl draft. see aaron curry invites leukemia survivor to nfl draft [.pdf].
UPDATE: The Seattle Seahawks selected LB Aaron Curry from Wake Forest with the fourth overall select. 2008 Dick Butkus Award Winner for the most outstanding line backer in college football. ~ read more