02 April 2009

unethical alexandria, la. attorney greg aymond has another brain fart

unethical alexandria, la. attorney greg aymond
a/k/a puddingheaded jibba-jabba

we've been watching with an increasing level of mirthfulness at the silly, nonsensical attacks launched at this blog by the unethical and self-admitted mental defective local attorney greg aymond.

mr. aymond's attacks are evidence of the growing desperation and pressure that he and the criminals that he's working with are under to shut wst... down. if mr. aymond keeps his attacks up, wst... might come to be regarded as experts on just about everything.

in one of his most recent attacks, mr. aymond continues to claim that we are incorrect in stating that he is unethical because he leaked privileged and confidential emails. incredulously, mr. aymond writes that "there was nothing unethical on my part or in releasing barrett's e-mails." but thats not what the nationalist movement said in a press release over the leaked emails. "barrett noted that 'even an inquiry, by a prospective-client, about potential legal-representation, is strictly confidential.'"

additionally, thats not what mr. aymond said in an email that he personally typed out and transmitted to us at 5:21 p.m. on monday, 21 july 2008 where he wrote: "your publishing those emails from the nationalists could possible [sic] get me disbarred." so there we have it -- straight from the horses ass mouth that he acted unethically - theres no need for us to file an ethical complaint with the state bar. besides, odds are that they wont do anything about it anyway. so this is another of mr. aymonds many lies debunked. mr. aymond knows that he sent us this email -- so who's the liar and the fraud?

mr. aymond linked to around four of our posts from years ago as evidence that we once supported him. but all mr. aymond accomplishes in doing this is to offer further proof of what a liar that he is and that he has no honor, integrity or loyalty.

what mr. aymond leaves out is that those posts were done at his request. mr. aymond apparently doesnt realize that we have every single one of his emails -- well over 900 -- including shown below his very first email to wst...

click picture to enlarge
mr. aymond knows that we never contacted him. in fact it was he who contacted us over and over again crying about how he had been mistreated and begging us to help him.

like this email he sent that had this attachment click here to download two page .pdf [19 kb]

in the attached document (waterline history) mr. aymond claims that the rapides parish district attorney, jam downs, probably illegally, intervened with a judge to have his lawsuit dismissed.

on a side note: in the recent ninth judicial district court election mr. aymond endorsed and promoted someone from this very (according to him corrupt) district attorney office for judge! how much sense does that make? it makes no sense whatsoever.

if you've noticed though -- everyone that mr. aymond promotes on his blog for political office or otherwise, is some kind of a freak, a pervert or a criminal.

anyway, when someone is constantly contacting you claiming that they have been mistreated and begging you to help them out what are you supposed to do? well if you're a normal person you try to help them.

and thats all we're guilty of here. we took an interest in someone, who claimed that he was being mistreated and attempted to help him out all that we could. all we've received in return is lies, betrayal and attacks.

mr.aymond originally posted his gibberish from a cheesy yahoo group until he begged us to set up a blogspot blog for him, which we did @: www.centrallapolitics.blogspot.com.

we spent probably hundreds of hours on it, making it and remaking it just like he wanted and teaching and reteaching him how to edit it and where and how to upload files -- mr. aymond didnt know how to do anything and still doesnt and this is the very same blog that he launches his attacks on us from. no loyalty, no honor and no integrity.

mr. aymond makes the farcical claim against the person that he represents to be the blog poster here as being a "dope head." this is despite the fact that we repeatedly told mr. aymond that we dont use drugs. - we say repeatedly because as we were discovering what a disgusting person he truly is, we noticed that he was always attempting to steer the conversation towards drugs and pornography.

mr. aymond is determined to be the local blogosphere leader against governmental corruption and he is willing to do anything to be that leader. he claims to be an honest person who wants to get rid of governmental corruption and so forth, but in reality mr. aymond and his criminal friends simply want to be in control of the information so that they can trick you into thinking that the criminals that he supports are honest and the criminals in the rival crime gangs that he dogs out are not.

this explains why mr. aymond spent so much time trying to become our friend. he used wst... to give himself publicity then when he thought that he was gaining popularity began attacking us in order to make himself "the leader."

one small problem for them though -- wst... has never attempted to or claimed to be the leader of anything. the problem that mr. aymond and his criminal friends have with wst... is that we arent owned or controlled by anyone.

mr. aymond claims that we havent ever been anywhere and have no life experiences, education and so forth. thats not exactly true. after high school we joined the united states naval service where we learned about, among other things, honor and fidelity and oh yeah to pay attention to detail.

mr. aymond on the other hand went to law school and learned how to become a professional liar, user and con-artist. we'll take our naval training over any law school education any day.

we suspect that we've seen far more of the world than mr. aymond. including seeing the horror of the smoldering ruins where 241 murdered united states servicemen lay dead -- meanwhile, we have greg aymond sitting on a shitter in alexandria, louisiana; thinking up ways of how to gyp someone, whilst jacking his dick.
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