18 April 2009

eric hufschmid: terrorists more dangerous than al qaeda: u.s. veterans!

The FBI's

Operation Vigilant Eagle!

Protecting America from a terrorist threat more dangerous than Al Qaeda: US veterans!

17 April 2009

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In order to protect themselves from the veterans, the FBI is "investigating" them, perhaps to infiltrate their organizations and set them up for arrest, suicide, or accidents.

The Jews may also be planning false flag operations to blame on "rightwing veterans".

And lots of Jews are struggling to divert the avalanche of anger away from "Jews".

Here are some brief descriptions of their recent attempts: ~ read more
if you think that the united states government truly cares about its veterans then look no further than back to 1932 and the bonus army and the torching of hooverville.

this veterans protest was put down by none other than u.s. army chief of staff and fellow world war 1 veteran, major general douglas macarthur and assisted by u.s. army majors george s. patton and dwight d. eisenhower. three of the biggest psychopaths to ever to wear a uniform.

to his eternal credit, retired united states marine corps major general smedley darlington butler, of war is a racket fame, spoke in favor of the vets. at the time of his death major general butler was the most decorated marine in united states history.