19 April 2009

c.b. forgotston calls on jimmy "the wizard" faircloth to resign


in an email released to his recipient list this morning, louisiana hard blogger, c.b. forgotston, calls on louisiana's rino governor, piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel to resign:
On Friday, Bobby Jindal's Executive Counsel Jimmy Faircloth announced that he is running for a seat on the State Supreme Court.

However, he is going to continue working for the governor until after the legislative session. ( See story here.)

Faircloth said he won't start campaigning until after the session. How noble!

The announcement itself is "campaigning."


To think that Faircloth's decisions during the upcoming lege session will not be influenced or compromised his decision to run for office and the decisions of others who have an interest in the outcome of the Supreme Court race defies credulity.

This is not the first time that Faircloth has attempted to serve two masters. When it was announced that Faircloth would be appointed as Jindal's Executive Counsel, Faircloth made it clear that he intended to continue as a member of a private law firm. After an outcry by the media, Faircloth changed his plans and resigned from the firm.

Do we really want someone on the State Supreme Court with such poor judgment?

Bobby's promise

Here's what Bobby Jindal said while running for governor in 2007 about such conflicts of interest:

Hold all officials and employees at all levels of government accountable for their actions.
We can no longer tolerate any level of ... conflict of interest by any state employee. Jindal Campaign Brochure: "Ethics Reform: Ending Corruption."

Step down!

Faircloth should have stepped down on Friday. He must step down now!

Jindal must demand that Faircloth step down if Faircloth does not on his own.


UPDATE: 7:33 am cdt monday 20 april 2009 - link
this hasnt been posted to his blog yet but probably will be soon - so check www.forgotston.com for more.
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