10 April 2009

prothink interview of eric hufschmid

eric hufschmid 29 december 2008 interview by prothink's mike delaney.

some topics include: why is mr hufschmid so highly critical of david duke and others.

mr. hufschmid explains how the internet has removed the secrecy and fear that the crime gangs depend upon in everything that they do. hence, mr. hufschmid says "its over" for the crime gangs because their secrecy is gone.

criminal networks depend on secrecy and they're losing it rapidly. now we can look at people and see who's associating with who. who is saying what to who. they are losing all of their ability to conspire together. it's harder and harder for criminals to say one thing to one person and another thing to another person.

now we can look through the internet at their history and see what they've been saying and what they've been doing through out different points in their life. we couldnt have done this even twenty years ago.

do americans have what it takes to fix the nation or will america have to detoriate to the status of a mexico or a brazil until america is no longer israel's attack dog?