21 April 2009

c.b. forgotston reiterates his call for piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy "the wizard" faircloth to resign

When Bobby Jindal was running for governor in 2007 here's what he said about conflicts of interest in government:

We can no longer tolerate any level of ... conflict of interest by any state employee. Jindal Campaign Brochure: "Ethics Reform: Ending Corruption." (emphasis mine)

When asked about the conflict of interest of his Executive Counsel, Jimmy Faircloth, who is an announced (last Friday) candidate for the LA Supreme Court, but will remain in Bobby's employ, Bobby said:

Jindal noted that sitting judges typically keep their elected jobs while running for another office. Associated Press, April 20, 2009.

That's only true when they are running for reelection or election to another judgeship within the Judicial Branch of government.

When Leon Cannizzaro ran for District Attorney of Orleans Parish he was required to resign from the Court of Appeal even though both offices are within the Judicial Branch.

Like a child who has been caught doing wrong, Bobby rationalizes his violation of his campaign promise by saying, in effect, "they all do it."

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. It’s time to match your action to your rhetoric If Faircloth will not voluntarily step down -- terminate him!