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08 may 2008
hb1153 more legislative buffoonery by rep. chris hazel

to borrow a phrase from the late, great new orleans blogger ashley morris - state representative lowell "chris" hazel is a douchbag and a fuckmook.

la. state house district 27 representative chris hazel, a former rapides parish assistant district attorney, although apparently not a very good one, because he thinks that a criminal who brings a gun to school to shoot up the student body will obey his bill not to possess body armor and which in fact rep hazel's bill makes innocent students, teachers and others sitting ducks.

whats more, chris hazel via his hb1153 says that "whoever commits the crime of wearing or possessing body armor by a student or nonstudent on school property, at a school-sponsored function, or in a firearm-free zone shall be fined not more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned, with or without hard labor, for not less than one year nor more than five years, or both." for wearing or possessing something that could potentially save your kid's life.

hb1153 makes about as much (non)sense as "gun free zones" in which criminals can move virtually unimpeded because they know that the law-abiding possess nothing to stop them with.

chris hazel invokes the name of columbine...

yet there is no evidence whatsoever that klebold and harris wore body armor that fateful april day.
link to the 11,000 page 'columbine report'

an ingenious invention and rethuglican chris hazel says not for your child!
[more videos here]

the louisiana legislature is a total joke and an ass. they do the exact opposite of what makes sense. they sit around all day and think up and create laws and crimes out of thin air that are neither wanted or needed.

if chris hazel was a real conservative republican or was truly concerned about "the children" then doesnt it make sense that he would be sponsoring some bill to outlaw and if possible outright rescind these in perpetuity taxes that children not even born yet will be tasked to pay without ever having the benefit of having a say in? thats what a republican who really cared about our states kids would do.

naturally, hb1153 was approved by the house criminal justice committee on wednesday 07 may 2008 and now goes to the full house for vote -- please contact your state representative, tell them that chris hazel has a lousy mind that cant think properly and urge them to vote no to hb1153. find your state representative by going to www.house.louisiana.gov
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