28 April 2009

HB 75 nutty karen carter peterson's cigarette tax fails to pass committee

  • HB 889 nutty karen carter peterson resurrects her cigarette tax bill

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    motion by rep. cedric (the gun-grabber and sellout) richmond to report HB 75 as amended favorably. rep. ricky nowlin objected. this led to a vote of 7 yeas and 11 nays the bill failed to make it out of committee

    2:23 pm cdt: the house ways and means committee just voted to kill karen carter peterson's HB 75 cigarette tax 11 nays - 7 yeas

    louisiana healthier families act
    karen carter peterson's increase convenience store smash-n-grab robberies, clerk murdering and black marketeering enhancement act of 2009

    damon baldone (d) yea
    roy burrell (d) yea
    stephen carter (r) yea
    avon honey (d) yea
    cedric richmond (d) yea
    harold ritchie (d) yea
    girod jackson (d) yea
    taylor barras (d) nay
    michael danahay (d) nay
    mickey guillory (d) nay
    cameron henry (r) nay
    frank hoffmann (r) nay
    rickey nowlin (r) nay
    jonathan perry (r) nay
    jane smith (r) nay
    jerome richard (i) nay
    joel robideaux (i) nay
    ricky templet (r) nay
    chairman: hunter greene not voting

    more later