19 March 2011

flashback: rev ameal jones sr new president of the central louisiana chapter of the naacp


everythingcenla.com has a video interview with rev. ameal jones, sr., pastor of the alexandria, louisiana, mt. zion missionary baptist church and who recently was installed as the president of the local naacp chapter.

rev. jones cites the usual reasons of the need for the naacp in cenla to make a comeback but doesnt offer any proof. but thats ok, because we say forget the naacp anyway -- what we need to do is bring back the deacons for defense and justice.

other officers, for now, include alexandria attorney tiffany sanders, sec'y and brussel rosenthal (phonetic) treasurer.

regular membership is $30.00 per year. meetings are held every second tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at mt. zion missionary baptist church.
UPDATE: 19 march 2011 gannett/the town talk board locks alexandria church, freezes assets after pastor's dismissal
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