06 March 2011

texans rally for secession

press tv
A Texas nationalist group has held a demonstration, calling on state lawmakers to introduce a bill that would allow Texans to choose whether to secede from the United States.

The Texas National Movement rallied on the steps of the Capitol building in Austin on Saturday, to mark Texas Independence Day and push for a referendum on secession, The Houston Chronicle reported.

"Texas can take better care of itself than Washington. We are here to raise interest in the Legislature of the possibility of secession to cure the ills of America," said Lauren Savage, vice president of the movement.

One demonstrator, Eric Kirkland, who is a member of the Constitution Party of Texas, said, "I would love to debate [Governor] Rick Perry live because we could once and for all show that the guy is a big government fraud who claims to be conservative."

The group argues in its resolution that the federal government has failed to protect its borders from illegal immigrants.

It goes on to state that the government has, "implemented thousands of laws, mandates and agencies in violation of the United States Constitution that have invaded the sovereignty of the State of Texas."

The rally was sponsored by State Representative Leo Berman (R-Tyler), who is also responsible for introducing a bill to limit Muslim American's rights by outlawing the practice of Sharia -- the Islamic Law.

Similar bills are currently under consideration by a dozen other states including Tennessee.

Berman introduced a bill last year in the Texas House of Representatives that would have forced President Barak Obama to prove he was born in the US.

Berman has previously commented on the election of Obama, saying, “Why don't we know anything about a president who has such a radical agenda?"