20 March 2011

pentagon briefing on military operations over libya

link to video watch/download page

briefing begins at 4:25 into the video.

press tv joined in progress around 3:04 pm cdt the pentagon briefing by vice admiral william e. "bill" gortney director, joint staff.

vadm gortney said that coalition forces eventually launched 124 tomahawk cruise missiles from submarines and ships in the mediterranean into libya.

this has significantly weakened the gaddafi regimes air defenses. coalition forces have been hitting pro gaddafi forces on the outskirts of benghazi the second largest city in the country and the seat of the revolutionaries.

the united states is militarily in the lead but is working towards giving the command to a coalition command but he didnt mention who will be in that command or when or how they would make that transition.

he said that the coalition had the capability to control libya's airspace but that they were not going after gaddafi personally. however, there are reports coming in that there have been plumes of smoke seen near gaddafi's residence.


UPDATE: report: airstrike has destroyed the building of gaddafi residence