31 March 2011

rapides parish registrar of voters joanell wilson takes exception to a "blog"

noted and quoted from the minutes of the 11 october 2010 rapides parish police jury, page 4:

Ms. Joanell Wilson, Registrar of Voters, took exception to a recent internet "blog" and assured the Police Jury that Statewide measures did not allow dead people or people who are in a coma to vote. She distributed a packet of information to the Police Jury for their review.
(note to registrar wilson: what you're probably referring to is a recent internet blog post; for example wst... is a blog and "registrar of voters joanell wilson takes exception to a 'blog'" -- is a blog post --

also; more importantly: we believe that your time and resources would be better spent by speaking out against and educating against electronic voting machines.)