16 March 2011

state supremes hear arguments in state vs michael garcia capital murder case

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we watched the louisiana state supreme court proceedings yesterday (tuesday 15 march 2011) because they were scheduled to hear the case of pineville, la. fireman, stephan jones vs city of pineville, la. we had posted about it nearly a year ago when the third circuit issued an opinion in the case.

yesterday when we checked the docket again it was no longer on there. so we phoned up the supremes clerk of court who told us that it had been settled.

whether the city of pineville caved (they lost at the third circuit) or not we dont know.

it's interesting how the alexandria, la. mayor and city council can look at each other cross-ways and its instantly a "news" story -- yet reports of pineville goings on are completely suppressed and covered up by the "news" media.

anyway, we were pulling for fireman jones and we hope that the case was settled in his favor.

we decided to watch the arguments in the garcia case because in the docket it was noted that it was a capital case.

we werent familar with this case at all. the baton rouge morning advocate has a report from 07 june 2008 here.

in the docket the name of the attorney representing the state was listed as antonio marcell clayton which didnt mean anything to us. it wasnt until he took to the podium that we recognized him as tony clayton.

mr. clayton put forth a very powerful and passionate argument. we would be surprised if the supremes reversed mr. garcia's sentence.

the crimes committed were extremely heinous and the squeamish and faint of heart should skip this video.