08 March 2011

charlie sheen on the meaning of the phrase "it is what it is"

we dont have a clue what's going on with this guy. judging from the absurd amount of publicity the media criminals are giving him leads us to suspect that this is just another hollyweird joke on us all; have you noticed how almost everytime mr. sheen tweets that within minutes its a "news" story?

we dont dislike mr. sheen. we've never seen one episode of two and a half men and we've only seen a few of his films, namely, platoon, wall street and young guns.

irrespective of all that, the point (if there is one) of this post is that over the past year or so we've noticed that the phrase "it is what it is," is a favorite phrase of ksyl talk back preshow cohost fred rosenfeld.

mr. rosenfeld likes to bring up a controversial topic usually having something to do with city of alexandria, la. governmental goings on then ambiguously pontificate around the subject and finish up with "it is what it is."

so yesterday when we heard charlie sheen's take on the phrase "it is what it is" we thought that he was spot on.

on the other hand -- what does it say about us taking philosophical lessons from charlie sheen?